Has Your Home Seen Better Days?

Turn back the clock with our kitchen and bathroom renovation services in Wilmer & Lancaster, TX and the surrounding areas

Over the years, your home will experience its fair share of wear and tear. This can turn what used to be a standout room into one you hide away from guests. Thankfully, the experts at Trejo's Custom Trim & Remodeling can bring your home back to its original glory.

You can trust us to handle your kitchen and bathroom renovations, along with any exterior changes. Our team is able to completely swap out your home's siding, soffit and fascia. We can even install new cedar support beams to keep your old porch standing strong.

Call us today at 214-778-9786 to schedule a new kitchen or bathroom renovation in the Wilmer & Lancaster, TX area.

Personalized services to match your needs and budget

Personalized services to match your needs and budget

With our renovation services, we can tackle entire rooms or just specific sections. Our services include:

  • Handling new floor installations
  • Putting down new carpet
  • Repairing or replacing cabinets
  • Patching up your walls

Whether your room just needs a new floor installation or a total overhaul, we're ready to help. Get in touch with us to book a renovation for your home.